Jekyll and Hyde

JEKYLLCOMICBOOK-(003)  Quotes and chapter summaries

Jekyll and Hyde Quotes to know

1.͚lean, long dusty dreary͛ (Ch.1, Utterson)

2.͚the door…was blistered and distained͛ (Ch.1 The door)

3.͚The man trampled calmly over the child͛s body͛, ͚something downright detestable͛ (Ch.1 Hyde)

4.͚Coming home from someplace at the end of the world͛ (Ch.1 Enfield

5.͚The more it looks like Queer Street, the less I ask.͛(Ch.1 Enfield)

6.͚Unscientific balderdash͛ (Ch.2 Lanyon about Jekyll)

7.͚Pale and dwarfish͛, ͚hardly human͛, ͚Satan͛s signature upon a face͛, ͚troglodytic͛ (Ch.2 Hyde)

8.͚hide-bound pedant, Lanyon͛ (Ch.3 Jekyll about Lanyon)

9.͚a fog rolled over the city͛, ͚a chocolate covered pall lowered over heaven͛, ͚some city in a nightmare͛ (Ch.3 The Carew Murder Case)

10.͚clubbed him to the earth͛, ͚ape like fury͛, ͚storm of blows͛, ͚bones audibly shattered͛. (Ch.3 Hyde kills Danvers Carew)

11.͚less than a fortnight he was dead͛ (Ch.5 Lanyon dies)

12.͚like some disconsolate prisoner͛, ͚the smile was struck off his face͛, (Ch.7 Jekyll at the window)

13.͚there lay the body of man sorely contorted and still twitching͛ (Ch.8 Hyde is dead)

14.͚Oh God, Oh God͛, ͚my soul sickened͛ (Ch.9 Dr Lanyon͛s Narrative)

15.͚man is not truly one, but truly two͛, ͚I felt younger, lighter, happier in body.͚͛my devil had been long caged, he came out roaring͛, (Ch.10 Henry Jekyll͛s full statement of the case).