Main Powerpoints and Word documents issued/used in class.

General notes:

Carol Ann Duffy intro to six poems  PowerPoint

Internet links for Carol Ann Duffy  Word document

Carol Ann Duffy Summary Revision Sheet 2 This is the big chart showing all the poems and the links etc

duffy-all-poems-revision-comparison  Revision notes issued 4 December 2015

10mark-TA-model-answer  Updated as at 4 Dec 15. Uses ‘Hathaway’ as extracted text with suggestions and framework for template answer


Valentine (2) Powerpoint

Valentine-notes  Word

An audio by me 😎



originally-set-text-qs PowerPoint

originally-annotated PowerPoint (Amended as at 3 December 2015)

originally-higher-sp-answers Questions and answers from lesson on 3 Dec 15 (Word)

Originally revision notes for exam  PowerPoint

Originally analysis  Word document


mrs-midas-to-print  PowerPoint

mrs-midas-set-text-questions  PowerPoint

mrs-midas-poetry-analysis  Word document

mrs-midas-bbc-notes  Word document


hav-questions  Word document

havisham  Word document

havisham  PowerPoint

havisham-notes  Word document

An audio by me 😎



anne-hathaway  PowerPoint

anne-hathaway Word document

Anne Hathaway analysis  Word document


War Photographer revision notes for exam  PowerPoint

War Photographer analysis  Word document

war-photographer-analysis-notes3 (2)  Word document

Duffy_Commentary  Word document