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I will update with my latest presentations etc for the new list of MacCaig poems.


For now:


Hotel Room 12th Floor (Some of which was pinched by another school – naughty!). I use some resources that I purchased but am not allowed to stick up here. Hence my regular exhortations for you to make notes in class! 😎

hotel_room text of poem

exemplar paragraph

hr12f CRITICAL ESSAY OHP  Essay outline/hints

Hotel Room Annotated Poem

hotelroom12thfloor  a wee movie with poem being read by MacCaig himself.

hotelroom12floor my PowerPoint

Brooklyn Cop

Final 8-Mark Questions

MacCaig possible questions

BC CE Questions  the four CE plus introductions sheet you did last week

Text BrooklynCop

Example essay handout


Other revision stuff – need to remove/ignore ‘Memorial’ and ‘Sounds of the day’ as they been replaced. Yaay!

Norman MacCaig Revision


Norman MacCaig Revision Chart

MacCaig Comparison Table

maccaig poems texts

MacCaig possible questions



Norman MacCaig Revision Sheet


An example for the 8 Mark question (21 December 2015)

Final 8-Mark Questions – several examples with hints as to which poems would fit with each other

Textual Analysis 8 mark question and model answer  – Model 8 mark question answer based on Assisi and other poems