Bold Girls @Nat5

Bold-Girls-revision notes

Donovan @Nat5

General Anne Donovan resources Anne Donovan comparison table  IMPORTANT 21 Dec 15 Part B (example essay and how to do it) Prose CE questions Donovan (Practice Q s for all the stories) Saskia’s Mind Maps ——————————————————– Themes Bitesize Notes Comparing and contrasting the texts.A STARTER FOR TEN Donovan Intro PowerPoint Donovan Complete Unit Connections and Links Anne Donovan …

Macbeth @Nat5

Macbeth Revision worksheet A3 Macbeth Summary for books MACBETH_plot_summary macbeth-visual-revision-guide macbeth breakdown by acts Macbeth context Macbeth key vocabulary macbeth-ko  Knowledge Organiser Macbeth dat  PowerPoint Intro etc  

MacCaig @Nat5

Norman MacCaig Revision maccaigrevision Norman MacCaig Revision Chart MacCaig Comparison Table maccaig poems texts MacCaig possible questions Latest: CRITICAL ESSAY PRACTICE POETRY NAT 5 Norman MacCaig Revision Sheet   An example for the 8 Mark question (21 December 2015) Final 8-Mark Questions – several examples with hints as to which poems would fit with each other …

Orwell – Non Fiction Prose

These are the notes and texts/powerpoints used for the Non Fiction (S5 NAt 5 class)  A Hanging A hanging RUAE NAT5 2015 A Hanging Notes A Hanging wikipedia hanging text for annotation Shooting an Elephant killing an elephant example Observations shooting-an-elephant-background-annotated shootingelephanttext Marrakech marrakech CE introduction plus plan – PowerPoint Introduction Marrakech exemplar – annotated example essay …

S4 Prelim Revision

Here will be general revision things for National 5

Discursive Writing for Folio

The powerpoint and handouts are below: Discursive Intro  PowerPoint DISCURSIVE plan  Word Nat 5 Discursive handout  Word Persuasive Writing  Word Persuasive-essay-15x4bat  PowerPoint The long list of potential topics: Possible discursive topics  Word The Debate Bazaar – even longer list of TOPICAL (ie relevant and up to date) topics for thinking about