How To Revise For An English Exam

The Higher and Nat 5 prelim exams are coming up, and the Christmas holidays are about to start. Fun fun fun! I’ve added a couple of handouts to the S5/6 Revision page under the S5 menu above.

Revise for Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (RUAE) and Critical Reading (CR)

Some say you can’t revise for English, but this isn’t true. Make sure you own a copy of the past papers for the exam you are about to take. You will cover most of them in class, but it’s worth doing any which are left over. If you have missed any marks, go back and check the answers to find out what you did wrong.  If you’ve run out of past papers to do, use the issued textbooks. Make sure you KNOW your texts in MacCaig/Duffy and Donovan as appropriate.

Revise for your Critical Essay paper

Go over the questions for previous years and see what they have asked. By now you will have completed a couple of essays in class. Now see if you can use your notes and quotes to answer a different exam question. If you have written an essay about the character of Othello or a poem by MacCaig/story by Donovan, try writing a question about the theme of love and violence, or an essay about a key scene.  Again, ask me and I can give you some advice on the essay you’re planning to write in your exam.

Revise online

Visit the Scottish Qualifications Authority site to download past papers:

BBC Bitesize will give you practice questions and answers with detailed help and advice:

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