SQA Exams 2019

English Exams

Full timetable (All subjects) 2019 is below

ExamTimetable2019  (pdf format)

The 8 Mark Question

Here’s a wee video I made with Doodly… 😎

Timings for the exam papers

NB:  editable PowerPoint below:

Timings for RUAE/CR/CE

S6 Advanced Higher Homework – due back 21st August 2018

Reading Challenge Romantics Article (PowerPoint)

Folio – Personal Writing

Aimed at Higher/Advanced Higher but could be useful for a dedicated young N5 writer 😎  From the Scottish Book Trust – Personal Writing

a_guide_to_personal_writing SBT  (Word Document)

Adv H Poetry

AH Poetry page updated with new Themes chart and poems plus an interesting article on Romanticism from the British Library. All available under the S6 tab above.

Revision Booklet

As discussed

Get Revising book (pdf format)

The PowerPoint we’re using all this week is below:

Higher Revision Prelims  (ppt format)

S5C2: SQA RUAE Higher paper 2015 – answers

Here’s the PowerPoint with all the questions AND the answers as well as revision points about the Final Question etc

Complaints about the mistreatment of Santa will be ignored – Bah ! Humbug!

May 2015 Exam disassembled

Literary Study – comparison chart handout

Here. Take it.

(It’s not an onion either) 😎

Useful for practising your planning of Literary Study questions.

AH LS Comparison of texts

Advanced Higher Literary Study

Notes from today’s lesson on format and advice.

Literary Study handout  

LS Handout Adv H (Word Document -includes notes from SCHOLAR handouts)